M  I  C  H  A  E  L    D  i  T  U  L  L  O

One Step Closer To The Future.

Fueling clients with iconic design and experiences that people love.

The future should be friendly, fun, and optimistic. We help companies move people to action through strategic design that is iconic, differentiated, and desirable.

For over 20 years Michael DiTullo has helped companies design leading products and experiences in nearly every industry. With experience in strategic design, industrial design, brand positioning, product strategy, design language systems, retail experience, and creative direction, we help companies get one step closer to the future.

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Developing a common design language across multiple iconic vehicles.

Nike level footwear design and branding for people with diabetes.

Defining the future of premium sustainable electric boating.

Taking a premium audio brand into the smart home space.

Brands Michael DiTullo has collaborated with

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Strategic Design:

It is hard to score if you don't know where the goal is. Strategic design programs align the organization to a shared vision that minimizes internal wheel spinning and maximizes differentiation.

Brand Identity Systems:

Is your branding working hard enough for you? Does it convey your core principles? Creating a cohesive identity system ensures your target consumers can pick you out of a crowded marketplace.

Product Design:

Michael DiTullo has brought 1000's of successful, industry leading, and award winning products to production in almost every product category from initial idea through to shipped product.

Creative Direction:

It takes a design leader to execute a cohesive vision across product, packaging, retail displays, and advertising. Michael DiTullo helps clients unify their messaging to maximize impact.

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