M  I  C  H  A  E  L    D  i  T  U  L  L  O

People don't have Picassos, they have stuff

Most people will never own a Picasso. They probably won't look at a Van Gogh daily. They might not purchase a Brancusi sculpture for the living room, or live in a Frank Lloyd Wright home. On the other hand, they most likely will wake up to look at their alarm clock each morning, drive their car to and from work, and look at their watch countless times. It is easy to underestimate the impact of interacting with these objects. They are part of our daily routines. It is all too easy to discount them as mere products.

A person strapping on their watch, glancing at it throughout the day, every day, possibly for a period of years, has the opportunity to come to know it on an intimate level. It could be the last thing this person sees before drifting to sleep at night and the first thing they see in the morning. This person will know every line, every detail, every nuance of color and shape, even if only on a subconscious level.

From the standpoint of a designer, this is an opportunity to provide people with something above and beyond an object that performs a simple function. It is a chance to give them a work of art. A work of art that they personally interact with every day. A work that people take notice of and admire, or one that blends into the surroundings and makes its statement with a whisper. A work that is a sculptural marvel and technical feat, or one that performs a function with such clean simplicity it takes on an elegance of its own.

For over 20 years this is the kind of industry leading design I've been practicing for companies as large as Nike, Intel, Honda, Google and small innovative start ups as well.

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1) The needs of the user

must solve a real problem and connect with the heart as much as the mind

2) The concerns of industry

must be able to be manufactured and distributed to fund the next innovation

3) The influences of culture

must be relevant to the world of today and inspire the world of tomorrow

What is a designer?

“Since the first time I met Michael I was sincerely impressed with how "interested" he is. Whether CEO of a Fortune 500 company or first year student, Michael treats people with respect and has his ears open with the intention of learning something new... I have never met someone who has such a grasp on the intangibles as Michael.”

David Whetstone, The North Face

“Michael has an amazing ability to listen to our needs and somehow translate spoken words into drawn images with remarkable intuition and speed. He is so "on the mark" with gathering up our design needs, composing them and finally rendering them that when I see his renderings, I wonder if somehow he has tapped directly into my cerebral cortex! Professional, highly skilled, on-time, very creative, and willing to push us to look at things differently have led us to Michael time and time again with our product design and graphic needs.” 

Phillip Burke, Rev1 Engineering

“A great designer is someone who both pays attention to and is interested in everything around them. They can then take that ever increasing knowledge and create something amazing and fresh with it. Michael is one of the best I've seen or met and is a great guy to work with in addition.” 

 Steve McDonald, Nike

“Michael is an extremely passionate creative - he holds a breadth of skill few can compare & an amazing personality which naturally fosters innovation & great creative thinking. Companies need more people like Michael & I have no doubt he will continue to do great things.”

Umar Hanif, Motorola

“Michael is an inspiration to work with. He has a gift for finding the most beautiful, functional, and successful solution to any problem, regardless of industry or business case. Even more unusually, his talent scales - as a leader, he inspires greatness in others.”

Alicia Bergin, Method

“Michael is an inspired design leader with a storied pedigree stemming from the likes of Nike and frog design. I consider Michael among the top talents in the Industrial Design profession and respect his judgement with anything design related. He is both friend and colleague - someone I trust implicitly.”

Howard Nuk, Samsung

“Michael is inspiring to work with, and a great leader. His ability to not only produce great design, but also recognize great design and create narrative around great design is second to none.”

JD Battles, Crunch Base

“Michael’s boundless energy and positive attitude makes him a real pleasure to work with. His design sensibility and the ability to quickly and efficiently run programs is a tremendous asset to any organization. He has a very high standard for both himself and the people that he works with which raises the quality of the work of the teams he manages”

Cormac Eubanks, Sky Catch

“He is an extraordinary talent with boundless passion for innovative design. He is the finest designer I have worked with, heard of or read about.”

Aaron Szymanski, Evo



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problem solving

ability to synthesize & analyze with non-linear solution finding

verbal communication skills

ability to listen, influence, and build compelling arguments through verbal mediums

knowledge of craft

ability to implement concepts & experience with  production methods

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visual communication skills

ability to build compelling stories through visual mediums, 2D & 3D, analog and digital


What is a successful design?

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I believe successful design originates from the intersection of three things:

The combination of these skills has helped me collaborate on some of the most innovative industry leading products for Fortune 500's, startups, and everything in between.

Michael Speaking about Design Language Systems at the 2019 International Design Conference

Other public appearances, guest lectures and competitions Michael has spoken at or judged:

2020 Good Design Award, Kirei AVIO

2020 International Design Conference, Speaker

2020 IDSA IDEA finalist, Pampered Chef Design Language System

2019 IDSA IDEA, Juror

2018 Now What? Conference, Speaker

2018 IDSA IDEA, Juror

2017 Design Forward Conference, Speaker

2017 Square 1 Conference, Keynote Speaker

2017 Chicago IDSA UCID Design Workshop

2017 Domus Academy Design Gym, Guest Lecturer

2017 Struktur Conference, Keynote Speaker

2016 Cleveland Institute of Art, Spring Show Keynote Speaker and Guest Critic

2016 Metropolitan State University Denver, Guest Lecturer

2015 Thought At Work Conference, Keynote Speaker

2015 Domus Academy, San Diego Extension, Guest Speaker and Critic

2014 Object Culture Conference, Keynote Speaker

2012 Core 77 Design Awards, Juror

2012 Cut & Paste Awards, Juror

2011 The Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, Design Addict Conference, Keynote

2011 University of Cincinnati, Guest Speaker

2010 University of Illinois, Guest Speaker

2010 RISD, Guest Speaker

2010 Ohio IDSA, Guest Speaker

2010 Cleveland Institute of Art, Guest Critic

2009 Wentworth Institute of Technology, Guest Speaker

2009 A Better Future By Design Conference, Speaker

2009 IDSA Boston Back To School Sessions, Speaker

2009 IDSA NED Conference, Future of Design Education, Panel Member

2009 IDSA Northeast Region Merit Award, Juror

2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Visiting Speaker

2008 IDSA Influence Conference, Speaker

2007 Adobe, Live Photoshop Seminar at Adobe HQ

2007 ACIDO Rocket Design Awards, Juror

2003 Columbus College of Art and Design, Visiting Speaker

Recognized for moving design forward

Michael talking about sketching as a way of thinking and communicating with clients and collaborators in the design process

In 2019 the IDSA awarded Michael DiTullo their Personal Recognition Award for contributions to the profession of design. Past winners have included Raymond Loewy, Charles Eames, Jonathan Ive, and Hartmut Esslinger.

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