M  I  C  H  A  E  L    D  i  T  U  L  L  O

Strategic Design:

Outcome oriented design research and workshops that lead to the creation of and alignments around innovation roadmaps, product portfolio matrices, product creation processes and design language systems that can be used to guide your organization for years to come.

Brand Identity Systems:

Creating unique and differentiated brand positioning, brand marks, and usage guides to ensure your brand is instantly recognizable and shows up effectively and consistently across all touch points. We make sure your branding works hard and works well across all executions.

Product Design:

With deep experience in industrial design, from advanced product concepts and archetype definition through production detailing and packaging, Michael DiTullo has brought 100's of successful, award winning products to production in almost every product category.

Creative Direction:

Once your product is ready to come to life the storytelling begins. Michael DiTullo has done creative direction across print and digital ad campaigns and physical brand experiences. We work with your marketing team to ensure the core product story is told from the first sketch all the way to launch.


Once the design is completed it can be a long road to making it real. Having worked in house at several large corporations including Nike and Sound United, Michael DiTullo understands that you may need some creative input along the way to make sure the design intent is preserved.

Typical activities:

Engineering conferences

Red line revisions of factory work

Prototype reviews an tear downs

CMF verification

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The Process

We break the creative process down into 5 simple steps.


Once the design is finalized in the refine phase, we will set to work creating the final outputs you need to make it real. This includes 3D CAD that integrates your components, photorealistic 3D renderings, physical appearance models, and lifestyle renderings of the final design.

Typical activities:

3D modeling

Photorealistic renderings

Branding playbook

Physical appearance models


We refine the selected concept from the design phase. In a typical consumer electronics project we will be making sure your components fit into the selected design. For soft goods projects we will begin creating tech packs. With branding projects we will be working through all of the executions.

Typical activities:

Final form definition

2D Tech packs

CMF documentation

Pixel perfect logo refinement


Where the rubber hits the road and the concepts start flying. In a typical project we will sprint through two rounds of ideation concepts. In the first round explore widely and get your feedback. In the second round we narrow down the solution set and explore more deeply to make sure the solution really solves the problem.

Typical activities:

Divergent Ideation concept burst

Down select workshop

Convergent concept burst

Concept recap presentation


You are the experts in your field, we are the experts in applied creativity. Collaboratively we can innovate. In the discover phase we spend time with you and your team to completely understand the existing parameters and define the boundaries. We also identify key trends that will influence the outcomes.

Typical activities:

Stakeholder Interviews

Ethnographic Interviews

Trend Identification

Spec Documentation

Over 20 years of experience.

Choosing a design partner is hard. Michael DiTullo spent nearly 15 years in leadership positions at Nike and Converse and as Chief Design Officer of Sound United where he was responsible for industrial design, brand positioning, packaging, print and digital creative. He has sat on your side of the proverbial table and ensures that all deliverables are focused on your goals. This is what we do:

How can you work with us?

Your needs are unique and your project has specific goals to move your business forward. We will work with you to outline the right engagement to meet your needs. These are three ways we often collaborate with partners:


Need a quick creative jolt for your team? We can create a custom tailored workshop around a specific category or topic to work through with your teams. Workshops are typically 2-3 days in length, require a week of prep, and a follow up week to document all of the outputs.


Our process allows us to collaboratively craft the right approach for your specific project whether that is in product strategy, design, branding, marketing creative, or all of the above. We will make sure that our outputs deliver on your goals.


When we get into a consistent workflow with a partner where we are consulting across a broad range of projects a monthly retainer is the best fit. In this scenario a creative retainer allows us to be nimble resulting in the maximum impact and agility.


What do you need to be successful at product launch? As a former Chief Design Officer of a global electronics conglomerate, Michael DiTullo understands the importance of telling a single story from sketch to shelf. Let us work with your marketing team to make the launch a success.

Typical activities:


Launch videos

Print advertising

Digital marketing creative

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