M  I  C  H  A  E  L    D  i  T  U  L  L  O

Designing products for designers.

Designing products for the architecture and interior design space is unique. The products are specified by architects and interior designers, approved by clients, purchased and installed by contractors, and finally experienced every day by building tenants. This process can take two to five years from concept to occupancy.

Products in this space need to understand all of the complex needs of each of these stakeholders and have an aesthetic longevity to last for years. Add to that Kirei's commitment to sustainability and acoustics and you have a complex problem to solve.

Kirei engaged Michael DiTullo to not only solve this problem once, but to also implement an internal process to repeatedly design, manufacture, and market successful products.

Contributions: innovation pipeline management, product development calendar, industrial design, product renderings, product naming, marketing themes, brand positioning, user personas, brand book, website direction, digital advertising creative, photography and video creative direction.